Project Description

Full Project Title: 

Safe PCB Management Programme in Morocco, Pillar II

Project number:


Starting date:

December 2008


3 years

Total Project Budget:



  • Directorate for Environmental Monitoring and Prevention of Environmental Risks (DSPR) of MEMEE


Project Description


This project document “Safe PCB Management Programme in Morocco, Pillar II” proposes the provision of technical assistance to public and private sector actors to increase the in-country capacity for overcoming identified barriers for safe and sustainable management of PCB-contaminatedtransformers at all stages of their life cycle.

The proposed project is the second pillar of an overarching project on the management of PCBs in Morocco, which is jointly implemented by UNIDO and UNDP. In parallel to the proposed project, UNDP will implement pillar I of the overarching project, which will focus on the strengthening of the legal, regulatory and institutional capacity in Morocco with regard to PCB management and on the disposal of pure PCB-containing equipment.

This project aims at updating the inventory of PCB-contaminated electrical equipment and at establishing a decontamination/treatment facility for the environmentally sound dechlorination and reclamation of PCB contaminated mineral oil as well as at the decontamination, reclamation and recycling of copper and steel recovered from PCB contaminated mineral oil transformers.

This will include the cleaning of pure-PCB transformer carcasses and recovery of the metallic components derived from the UNDP implemented pillar I. Because of the significantly large estimated inventory of PCB contaminated transformers in Morocco, establishment of the proposed PCB Management System would allow Moroccan PCB Owners to properly plan and implement a program to dispose of their PCB inventory.

The PCB disposal plan is expected to be implemented during the next 15 years to meet Morocco’s commitment to the Stockholm Convention. The cost associated with the treatment and replacement of such vast PCB inventory and the potential disruptions to the electricity supply could not permit a shorter term.

The project will consist of 4 Outcomes as follows:


  • Outcome 1: Identification process set up for PCB contamination in in-service and decommissioned transformers.

  • Outcome 2: Environmentally sound maintenance and treatment of PCB contaminated mineral oil transformers in participating industries set up.

  • Outcome 3: Environmentally sound disposal of decommissioned PCB contaminated transformers and material recovery set up.

  • Outcome 4: Project management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E). The project is expected to last for 3 years.

Upon completion of the project, Morocco would have treated and reclaimed at least 3,000 tons of PCB-contaminated mineral oil and 2,000 tons of PCB contaminated electrical equipment.

With the implementation of this project Morocco would have the in-the-country capacity to finally dispose of PCB-contaminated mineral oils and PCB-contaminated electrical equipment to ensure compliance with the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.


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