Enhancing the capacities of the food safety and quality assurance system for trade

The objective of this project is to achieve a significant increase in the amount of exports and products in the food sector certified as internationally compliant, thereby improving export market access for Mozambican food products.
This can be achieved by strengthening the national system for food safety analyses, certification and inspection with a view to enhance compliance with international standards as well as with the TBT/SPS WTO agreements. Focus will be placed on upgrading the food microbiology and chemical analytical laboratories housed at Agricultural Research Institute (IIAM) to support food inspection and to facilitate exports in selected agro food sectors with important trade potential, such as cashew nuts, honey, fish, fruits and vegetables.
Calibration services provided by INNOQ, the national institute for quality, standardization and metrology, will also be strengthened along with repair and maintenance activities to provide services to the food testing laboratories as well as to the industry.