Meeting Reports

UNIDO responses to a set of questions raised in the WTO “Aid for Trade” task force in its letter of 29 March 2006

The importance of trade to development, growth and poverty alleviation in the developing countries is undisputed. It is also widely accepted that the developing countries do not just need lower tariffs if they are to derive tangible benefits from the emerging rules-based global trading system; they need vastly improved capacities to produce and trade better quality products. The Doha Declaration confirmed that "technical cooperation and capacity building are core elements of the development." Within that context, this paper addresses nine specific issues that have been raised in the WTO Aid for Trade Task Force.

Submission to “Aid for Trade” task force. Examples of typical UNIDO interventions covering supply capacity and conformity. 2007

The constraints analyzed by UNIDO within the case studies of the developing countries Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Pakistan fall into the organization’s core mandate. Against this background, the expertise of UNIDO develops an enabling environment with regard to trade for private sector/trade development.

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