Success Stories

Two Egyptian companies acquired the ISO 22000 certification under Etrace technical assistance

Within the pilot program of Etrace to assist a limited number of companies in implementing the ISO 22000 quality and food safety management system, two beneficiary companies finalized the full implementation and acquired the certificate.

As for the two companies, one is a major exporter of table grapes and the other is a major exporter of peanuts. Both passed the final audit during July 2007 and September 2007, respectively.  Etrace is continuing its efforts to assist five additional companies within this program.

Fifteen Egyptian Companies Completed Full Implementation of a Traceability System

Under the supervision and guidance of Etrace, fifteen large Egyptian companies working in growing, producing and exporting fresh vegetables and fruits have successfully completed the full implementation of a traceability system. As a result of the technical and financial assistance, 75 companies were technically assisted, 50 are in the implementation phase and 15 have completed the full implementation. The financial assistance targets around 100 pack houses, representing 57% of the total number of pack houses at the national level. It is expected that all of them will finalize full implementation by June 2008.

The implementation of traceability systems allows importers and authorities to trace all the steps taken during the preparation and distribution of food products, particularly in the case of health emergencies that require recall, thus functioning as a risk management system that ensures transparency, improves supply-chain management and allows smooth and cost-effective exchanges of information.

The implementation of traceability systems helped these companies in particular to:

  • Increase opportunities for maintaining market shares and for opening new markets
  • Differentiate and market products with subtle or undetectable quality attributes
  • Facilitate the trace back for food safety and quality attributes
  • Improve the management of the food supply chain
  •  Lower the cost of distribution systems
  • Reduce recall expenses
  • Provide adequate protection of consumersMinimize the spread of plant diseases and food poisoning.