The cultural heritage and creative industries as a new perspective on development in Morocco

“The cultural heritage and creative industries as a new perspective on development in Morocco” is a joint programme, funded by the Spanish/UNDP funds for the implementation of the MDGs, with a total budget estimated at USD 5 billions and covering the period 2008-2011. The project’s activities will be carried out by 5 UN agencies, namely UNDP, UNIDO, UNIFEM, UNFPA and UNESCO as a leading agency.


The objective of this joint programme is to promote the collective development and the industrial promotion particularly for those in need which is part of the valorisation of cultural resources of the country, by a substantial national and local capacity improvement and undertaking targeted actions in different areas. This project is aligned with UNDAF and the current national politics.

Direct Impact of UNDAF

The organisational conditions improve the protection and valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage for the human development.

The joint programme is based on the following results:

  • R1    The assets of the cultural heritage in the economic and social development are recognised and integrated in the national strategy.
  • R2    The professionals in the field of cultural heritage and the potential actors have the necessary skills and tools to improve its preservation, management and valorisation.
  • R3    The set-up of the relevant development strategies of cultural and creative industries contributed to the improvement of the population’s lifestyle
  • R4    The traditions and cultural values in favour of the women and young people’s inclusion and ensuring the implementation of the MDGs are valued.