Entrepreneurship development for the youth

The Government of Mozambique has been carrying out the secondary school system reform in order to make the education more practical and relevant for the economic and social needs of the country.
In its efforts to create a solid base for poverty reduction, the Government of Mozambique is collaborating with UNIDO in a programme to reverse their youth's orientation from being job-seekers to job-creators. Funded by the Government of Norway, the Entrepreneurship Curriculum Programme (ECP) was introduced in 2004. In preparation for full implementation of the Entrepreneurship Curriculum Programme at the secondary level, UNIDO and the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), conducted a pilot operation at eight secondary and vocational schools.
The Government of Mozambique plans to expand the entrepreneurship curriculum programme (ECP) at secondary and vocational schools nation-wide between  2007 - 2010. This project will assist the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) in achieving this, based on the experiences gained in pilot operations in Cabo Delgado province.