Upgrading the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Value Chain

Egypt has been producing and exporting Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) products for many years. However, the Egyptian MAP sector suffers from poor conditions of the produce in terms of quality and safety standards, lack of professional advisory services, in addition to a highly underdeveloped value chain.

These factors negatively affect the position of Egyptian MAP products in export markets and consequently the bargaining power of Egyptian exporters. The project aims at raising the position and competitiveness of Egyptian MAP products in export markets and developing its internal supply chain. It will be based on an integrated development approach:

  1. Improving productivity, quality and compliance throughout the supply chain by establishing 4 MAP service centers providing advisory services to supply chain members and upgrading the capacities of pre-farm and post-farm gate SMEs;
  2. Strengthening SME capacities in product development and value addition for export growth and diversification with the aim of enforcing compliance criteria, branding and pricing strategies;
  3. Establishing a MAP export consortium managing a collective export and branding strategy coupled with building trade capacity of exporting SMEs and upgrading linkages with international buyers.