Leather Industry

Introduction to Treatment of Tannery Effluents

2011 (6.5 MB)

A Blueprint for the African Leather Industry

2004 (105 pages/529KB)

Formation, Prevention and Determination of Cr(VI) in Leather. A Short Overview of Recent Publications

2000 (7 pages/48KB)

Pollutants in Tannery Effluents

2000 (26 pages/534KB)

Chrome Ballance in Leather Processing

2000 (18 pages/73KB)

Hair-Save Unhairing Methods in Leather Processing

2000 (37 pages/127KB)

The Scope for Decreasing the Pollution Load in Leather Processing

2000 (36 pages/144KB)

Chrome Management in the Tanyard

2000 (40 pages/203KB)

Mass Balance in Leather Processing

2000 (27 pages/182KB)

Sources, Detection and Avoidance of Hexavalent Chromium in Leather and Leather Products

1999 (17 pages/424KB)

A System for Recovery and Reuse of Chromium from Spent Tanning Liquor Using Magnesium Oxide and Sulphuric Acid. Technology Package

1998 (31 pages/1.5MB)

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