1.         Background information and Objective:

The City of Kitakyushu, jointly with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), organizes an annual international seminar on Eco-town concept and management for decision makers and technical managers responsible for environmental industry management of the industrial zones and industrial estates in developing countries. The main objective of the seminar is to focus on the model of Kitakyushu Eco-town for initiating conducive policies on establishing of Eco-towns and replicate best lessons learnt on waste recycling and waste integration management.

Industrialization induces the use of chemicals from as modest quantity for use as a catalyst in process industries, in order to increase efficiency or to add value, to a transformed product to enable market penetration and enhance competitiveness.

Some of these chemicals have been extensively used in the rapidly growing economies in populated regions such as Asia and which have resulted in negative social and environment impacts. These adverse impacts need to be examined and solutions to these problems need to be properly addressed. Multilateral environmental agreements have been the environment vehicle for the world, giving guidance and producing guidelines for the reduction and elimination of the harmful effects to health and the environment of these chemicals and their waste stockpiles. UNIDO has a comparative advantage to use innovative tools such as eco-town to create waste management industry in the developing countries and countries with economies in transition.


2.         Outcomes of the Seminar

  1. Acquire an understanding of circular economy based on the experience of Japan covering the policy development and legal aspects of Eco-towns.

  1. Learn the guiding principles and adaptation methods to favour building technical capacity for introduction and transfer of technologies related to eco-town concept.

  1. Propose a scheme for implementation of a pilot eco-town to enable develop a full national strategy to perform the feasibility studies and mobilize funds for its financing and co-financing through the support of experts from Kitakyushu eco-town.


A planning document will be produced as a final report of the seminar that will highlight the consensus reached for the way forward on the above outcomes. It is important to mention that ALL participants should bring a copy of the national policy document of industrialization and the associated laws and regulations of location of industries such as free zones, industrial estates and industrial zones.

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