Phase-out of methyl bromide in cut flowers

Zimbabwe is an important consumer of methyl bromide, particularly for soil fumigation and horticultural products, including cut flowers. The cut flower sector represents about 22% of the total methyl bromide consumption in Zimbabwe.
While the deadline for the complete phase-out of methyl bromide for Article (5) countries in terms of the Montreal Protocol obligations is 2015, the Zimbabwean flower sector aims to discontinue the use of methyl bromide before that deadline.

This project is an investment project jointly carried out by UNIDO and EFGAZ (Export Flower Growers Association of Zimbabwe), aimed at the complete phase-out of methyl bromide in the cut flower sector in Zimbabwe.
After careful consideration of the conditions pertinent to Zimbabwe for the production of cut flowers, steam sterilization in combination with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been selected as the best alternative to methyl bromide.
The project enjoys support from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Zimbabwe.