AFRIMETS Metrology School


One of the objectives of the AFRIMETS/UNIDO project ‘Development of regional metrology structures in support of national metrology efforts in Africa’ is to support the sustainable establishment of AFRIMETS as the Regional Metrology Organization (RMO) in Africa through developing technical capabilities and competencies to overcome technical barriers to trade. To this purpose a metrology school (MS) is proposed that will introduce the metrology structures and provide technical training in selected metrology areas (Mass and related quantities, Electricity, Thermometry, Dimensional Metrology and Legal Metrology) to young metrologists from AFRIMETS member countries.

For the very first time in Africa, UNIDO through the AFRIMETS Progamme and The Kenya Bureau of Standards hosted a 10 day course in Metrology in February 2011. Metrology as such includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement. The course was specially designed to introduce standards, quality, accreditation and metrology infrastructure to young African metrologists, and provided technical training in legal and scientific requirements in select fields. It was specially designed for participants from over 40 African developing countries to learn from best international practice and exchange experiences of their countries.


Expected results

At the end of the course, it is envisioned that delegates will have received significant introductions to the components of the four pillars of a National Quality Infrastructure.  In addition, delegates will have received instruction on aspects of scientific/industrial and legal metrology which will enable them to be conversant with the international requirements of the BIPM and the OIML.


Delegates will be expected to contribute to their national metrology institutions with applicable technical knowledge in SI units, measurement uncertainty, mass measurement, dimensional metrology, electrical metrology and thermometry, all highly required to improve confidence in measurement essential to ensure consumer protection and fair international trade.

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