Cleaner Production Programme

UNIDO Cleaner Production Program (CP - see in Tunisia, aims at enhancing the competitiveness of industrial SMEs  through two essential actions:  

1. capacity building of National  expertise in the field of environmentally sound production through transfer of know-how;
2. improvement of the coordination between the various stakeholders and activities in the field of cleaner production.  

The net effect is to give enterprises a more competitive edge, thereby facilitating their access to international markets.

In Tunisia, the program, funded by the Government of Switzerland for a total amount of USD 1 million, entered into implementation in March 2009 with the seminar “ Unido Strategy for Cleaner Production” aiming at achieving three major outputs: (1) identifying the NCCP hosting local institution, (2) conceiving co-financing mechanisms and (3) identifying the industrial subsectors to be targeted in priority, as well as to allow Tunisian partners, national and international experts and representatives of international cooperation programs to meet and exchange experiences (download brochure here).