Reporting Allegations of Wrongdoing to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNIDO does not, under any circumstances, tolerate the diversion of resources dedicated to promoting sustainable industrial development in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, and applies the zero-tolerance principle.

Any person who has any knowledge of alleged wrongdoing by any individuals working for, or doing business with, UNIDO is urged to report such information to the Office of Internal Oversight Services (IOS). It may concern fraud, coercion, collusion, corruption, or other wrongdoing. The following list of examples of allegations is indicative but not exhaustive:

  • Unlawful acts (e.g. theft, fraud, embezzlement, solicitation/acceptance of bribes or kickbacks, extortion, possession or sale of illegal substances, smuggling).
  • Misrepresentation, forgery, or false certification in connection with official claims or benefits (e.g. travel claims, dependency allowance, subsidies).
  • Mishandling of contract obligations and relations with a third party who may benefit from a decision in which a staff member takes part; favoritism in the award of a contract to a third party.
  • Harassment of any nature or abuse of authority.
  • Violations of the Code of Ethical Conduct.

Matters related to allegations of retaliation against individuals who cooperate or have cooperated with IOS should be reported directly to the Focal Point for Ethics and Accountability at

Complaints against IOS staff should be directed to the Focal Point for Ethics and Accountability or the Director-General.

Matters related to staff performance or staff grievances should be reported directly to the Human Resources Management Branch and not through this hotline.

Do not to fall victim to investment scams, known as Advance Fee Fraud schemes! Some of these schemes misuse UNIDO’s name or falsely claim to be affiliated with UNIDO.  More details can be found on our scam alert page.

How to Report Wrongdoing