Energy technology centers

UNIDO established and supports a number of energy technology centres worldwide. The technologies covered include solar energy, hydropower and hydrogen. The objectives of these UNIDO centres of excellence are to strengthen local and regional capacity and to facilitate knowledge transfer as well as South–South cooperation. The enhancement of indigenous capacity in emerging and developing countries in terms of research and development, as well as the transfer of state-of-the-art technologies, represents the cornerstone of UNIDO’s energy strategy. In this regard, UNIDO’s technology and knowledge centres play a vital role through:

  • Linking the application of sustainable energy with local needs for development and poverty alleviation;

  • Establishing and maintaining demonstration pilot plants to promote awareness building so as to stimulate manufacturing and widespread application of sustainableenergy technology; and

  • Building national and international capacity and exchanging programmes and training activities for emerging and developing country institutions and individuals.

Today, UNIDO is able to make use of an extensive network of technology centres worldwide and is benefi ting from a large pool of associated local experts. Some of the most successful and promising initiatives in the field of energy include:

Regional Centres for Small Hydropower: India, Nigeria and China

The establishment of the UNIDO Regional Centres for Small Hydropower has enabled the development of several renewable energy-related awareness-building and training programmes...

International Centre for Promotion and Transfer of Solar Energy (ISEC), China

The International Solar Energy Centre aims at developing applicable solar energy technologies and enhancing the transfer of these to developing countries.

UNIDO International Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technology, Turkey

The International Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies (ICHET) is a UNIDO project with the mission of demonstrating viable applications of hydrogen energy technologies.

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