UNIDO Network and representation in the LAC region

UNIDO Regional Offices in LAC

are in charge of providing coverage in the countries of the region efficiently, assuring a coherent and proper approach of UNIDO technical cooperation, as well as an active participation in the development of UNIDO programmes and projects at national level in connection with national counterparts. Moreover, UNIDO Desks in the region support the Regional Offices in the identification, definition, implementation and monitoring of the technical cooperation to be carried out in the countries.

Cleaner Production Centres and Programmes

represent a innovative approach, which increases competitiveness, facilitates market access and strengthens the productive capacity of developing economies taking into consideration environmental compliance and social development within sustainable development.

Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (ITPOs)

The ITPOs are linked to public and private institutions working in the field of industrial development. ITPOs are opening up new opportunities for investors and technology suppliers to find potential partners in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

Unidades Técnicas de Estudios para la Industria (UTEPIs)

UNIDO has created two UTEPIs within the LAC region, which are formally integrated into the structure of the Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness of Ecuador and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Paraguay.