Procedure in case of intoxication

When inside a POP contaminated site certain risk of intoxication exists, therefore it is crucial to know how to proceed in such an emergency. The following recommendations might be taken into account.

Take the affected person away from exposure place and to a well ventilated placeStrip off affected person's clothes, wash hair and skin with abundant soap and water, especially inter-fingers spaces and below fingernails. Use impermeable gloves and avoid violent friction. Beware convulsions may appear thus never leave the affected person alone.If the affected person remains conscious, administer activated carbon in an adult dose: one gram per kilogram of corporal weight diluted in 300 ml water
Administer oxygenContaminated clothes and other objects should never be manipulated by any unprotected personTake the affected person to the nearest Health centre to perform a gastric wash
In case of eye contact, irrigate with water or a low-pressure isotonic saline solution during at least 15 min

Beware that health surveillance must be under medical specialist supervision. Therefore the previous recommendations must be considered only for guidance.

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