Renewable Energy Powered Telecentre - Pilot and Demonstration Project

The district of Chinyunyu in Southern Province is a region of the country is characterised by small-scale farming communities without access to electricity or modern communications. The telecentre is therefore expected to significantly contribute to the improvement of living standards of the targeted communities.
This project aims at establishing a solar powered rural community multi-purpose telecentre in South Zambia. The telecentre will provide different communication services such as public and mobile phones, internet access and a community cinema to the people in the Chinyunyu district in South Zambia.

The project links to an ongoing UNIDO initiative ongoing in Zambia (GEF/UNIDO Rural ICT project), which aims at promoting information and communication technology in off-grid rural communities.
The telecentre is a vital component of the ICT project and will serve as a testing mechanism
for the operation and ownership models developed under the ICT initiative. It is a showcase to generate donor interest and required co-financing for the project to receive full-scale GEF implementation clearance and funding.