Building capacities for effective trade policy formulation and management

Among the four strategic areas of the Agenda 2025 of the Government of Mozambique, economic development has arguably the biggest impact on absolute poverty, which declined from 69 per cent to 54 per cent between 1997 and 2003.
To sustain current growth rates within a broad-based redistribution format, more investments have to be re-directed at the productive sectors of the economy. Substantial increases in the effectiveness of the overall trade policy framework and its management are required.
To this end, national-level and devolved trade policies and strategies need to be oriented towards optimizing Mozambique's position and tackling supply-side constraints.
This project will contribute to overall trade policy coherence, trade facilitation and improved coordination between trade facilitating institutions; expanded national capacities for trade policy analysis and external trade facilitating institutions; and an acceleration of investments that facilitate the growth of Mozambique's productive capacities in response to enhanced preferential and non-preferential trade opportunities.