African partnerships

African Union (AU)

To intensify and harmonize the already close cooperation of the AU and UNIDO, an agreement was signed between the two organisations at the Conference of African Ministers of Industry (CAMI 17) in Egypt in 2006.


UNIDO will initiate Trade Capacity Building activities under the Africa Productive Capacity Initiative (APCI) of NEPAD.

The Africa Investment Promotion Agency Network (AfrIPANet)

The Africa Investment Promotion Agency Network (AfrIPANet)

AfrIPANet was established in 2001. It helps the investment promotion agencies (IPAs) in the sub-Saharan Africa region develop strategies for FDI inflows. A biannual survey of foreign investors analyzes existing FDI in terms of motivations, operational characteristics, perceptions and future plans.

The survey of 2005, the third in the series, deepened the understanding of the nature of different investor types outside the hydrocarbon and mining sectors and their impact on the host economies. The enterprise level analysis provided new insights into the performance and growth of individual investors, their actual investments and many of the productivity enhancement issues associated with FDI flows. It provides policy makers with essential information to better target investors, leverage their impact on local development, and tailor the required services and policy interventions.

It also highlighted new trends such as the increasing proportion of investors from other developing economies in the South and stand-alone investors or foreign enterprises that are not subsidiaries of international companies. The changing profile of foreign investors and the growing relevance of foreign enterprises and transnational corporations (TNCs) from the South in emerging sectors, signal the need to re-examine the promotion strategies and priorities of African governments.

The survey results were presented at the AfrIPANet III conference held in Johannesburg in June 2006. AfrIPANet III was jointly organized with the NEPAD and the South African Department of Trade and Industry.

UNIDO is implementing the recommendations of the AfrIPANet meeting and intends to execute the survey throughout the region.