Health and safety management instruments

Health and Safety management for investigation works performed at contaminated sites is based on two main instruments:

a)    Health and Safety Program

This document should describe and inform about the preventive system adopted by a company with regard to health and safety matters in general for every investigation or further remediation work. Hence, it may include the following items:

  • Organizational structure of the company regarding health and safety at work

  • Staff training in health and safety matters at work

  • Materials and equipment use instructions

  • Information procedures

  • General working protocols

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) maintenance and use procedures

  • Decontamination protocols

  • Emergency protocols

  • Medical protocols

b)    Health and Safety Plan

This document refers to a specific working program and the contaminated site, adapting the Health and Safety Program to the characteristics of the concrete study site and the works that will be performed. This document may include the following items:

  • Relevant aspects of the site history that might be useful in safety matters

  • Description of the working program

  • Risk assessment

  • Personnel organization at work

  • Time planning of the works to be performed

  • Collective protection measures

  • Personal protection equipment (PPE)

  • Specific staff training

  • General and specific working protocols

  • Specific materials and equipment use instructions

  • Decontamination protocols

  • Monitoring of environmental conditions

  • Emergency plan

  • Medical protocol

Special attention will be paid to risk assessment, personnel organization, collective and personal protection measures and specific action protocols.

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