Upgrading and Modernization of Industries in SADC

In January 2007, UNIDO received a request from the SADC secretariat to assist in the formulation of an Industrial Upgrading and Modernization programme for removing supply-side constraints to foster regional integration in the framework of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with the European Union (EU). The EPA is a joint response to the challenges of globalization and development and will enable the SADC region and countries to become more competitive, diversify their exports and build a regional market with the uniform, transparent and stable rules needed to reinforce economic governance.

The attainment of enhanced competitiveness through increased productivity requires that concerted efforts be put in place to tackle the supply-side constraints - the problem of lack of effective industrial productive capacity being faced by the majority of SADC member countries. This proposal is designed in the context of the African Union.

The objective of the Industrial Upgrading and Modernization programme is to develop regional industrial enterprises within the SADC region in order to promote their economic growth and to facilitate socio-economic integration.


Leather training and production centres
Small-scale leather goods training and production