Workshop on Nanotechnology regional networking

Somerset West, South Africa, 20-22 August 2008

The Workshop on Nanotechnology regional networking to have better access to knowledge and technology is organised by ICS-UNIDO in collaboration with the ICSU-ICTP Nanosciences African Network, and iThemba Labs.

ICS-UNIDO is an international technology centre of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, created to promote capacity building of countries.

The workshop will be attended by selected representatives of Academy, Research Centres, Laboratories, Private and Public Institutions, R&D and industrial sector, as well as decision-makers, policy-makers and scientists.


To present and discuss with high level experts the possible and necessary mechanisms/instruments/infrastructure within an adequate homogeneous political and strategic framework to:

  • Facilitate  access to  new ideas/projects/technology in the field  of nanotechnologies, evaluating  and  testing  them,  industrializing  such  ideas  and  transforming them  into process/products that can generate economic revenues and  benefit for developing countries.
  • Support the diffusion of science and technology, institutional development and lastly, to develop specialized human resources as well as to promote the mobility of the scientists, researchers, technicians, and broadly speaking, highly skilled labour force, etc.

Expected Outputs
Model of Regional Nano-fora to exchange information and pursuing common   goals  to be implemented within the framework and with cooperation of the ICS HTNM Area programmes and activities, i.e research project portfolio, fellowship programmes, expertise provision, Nano-portal, Nano-award, etc.

Participants should present, in addition to their proposal for the networking, a brief note on national research centres, R&D institutions, industries, public research institutes, technology centres and universities dealing with nanotechnologies, as well as nanotechnologies research activities in their countries.