December 15, 2008: SME Cluster Programme being Redrawn with the Help of UNIDO

UNIDO Investor survey 2008

Report to the government of Orissa, India; the finding of the UNIDO survey of recent investors´ experience of the process of establishing or expanding operations in Orissa.

Annual Report 2008

UNIDO Regional Office for South Asia has brought out an Annual Report for the year 2008, focusing on UNIDO operations in India.

Punjab Industrial Review

The objective of this study is to prepare a medium-term strategy for the recovery and growth of the industrial sector in Punjab against the backdrop of resurgent growth in the Indian economy, the improved performance of the industrial sector generally across India, and the expanding opportunities offered by the greater integration of the Indian economy with the rest of the world.

Survey Report 2008: CSR Perceptions and Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in seven geographical clusters

Little is known about SMEs’ perception of Enterprise Social Responsibility (ESR), and to date no research has been dedicated to investigating this issue. Generally, SMEs are associated with businesses that are conducted informally ...