Support to the development of export consortia

The support to the development of export consortiums is a project elaborated in the framework of the IMP II (component II) thanks to the financial support from the Italian Government of 678 000 Euros and covering the period 2008-2010.
This project is an extension of the first phase implemented for the first time in Morocco during the period 2004-2007, with a budget of USD 357 000.

Objectives of the Second Phase

  • Sectorial, geographic and institutional extension of the project :
    • Targeted sectors by the « plan emergence » 
    • Major implication for the professional associations
  • Consolidating the existing groups and establishment of new export consortiums (coaching and support from UNIDO experts)
  • Training of an export consortium facilitator team :
    • Local and regional levels
    • Supporting institutions, Professional associations, ministerial delegations
  • Set up of incentive measures and improvement of the legal component.

Expert Group Meeting on the development of export consortiums, bringing together expert from signatory countries of the Agadir agreement (Rabat, May 2007)

One of the priorities of the project bringing support to the export consortiums is benchmarking and networking of institutions and experts with their foreign counterparts, where the project has been implemented. In this context, an expert group meeting on the development of export consortiums has been organised in     May 2007 (Rabat), bringing together experts from signatory countries of the Agadir agreement and therefore enabling a real exchange of experience between the experts.
The expert meeting was presided by M. Kandeh YUMKELLA and M. Mostafa MECHAHOURI, Minister of Foreign Trade, with the participation of ministerial figures, experts and consortiums from Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Italy and Latin America.