Cooperation Activities in China

The ITPO Programme


UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (ITPOs) are one-stop shops for four services crucial to investment promotion and technology transfer:

  • dissemination of investment information,
  • identification and promotion of investment opportunities,
  • provision of training in promotional techniques and
  • matching project sponsors with potential foreign investors.

ITPO staff maintains active links with the business community and development agencies in the Offices’ host countries as well as extensive databases of companies interested in industrial partnerships in developing and transition economies. Currently there are two ITPOs in China: ITPO Beijing and ITPO Shanghai.

ITPO Beijing

ITPO Beijing was established in Beijing in 1996 according to the agreement signed between UNIDO and the Government of China. In accordance with the priorities of the Chinese government, the programme focuses on the following areas:

  • Development of agriculture and new technologies
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • Automobile industry
  • High-technology which is not locally developed
  • Export-oriented projects
  • Projects which can make full use of resources and regenerated resources
  • Environmental-protection-oriented projects
  • New industry projects
  • Service projects
  • Projects, which can develop the economy of central and western China.
ITPO Shanghai (SIPC)

UNIDO’s Shanghai Investment Promotion Centre was established in Shanghai in October 2001 according to the agreement signed between UNIDO and Shanghai Municipal Government.

The Centre focused on outward investment promotion activities, as well as on providing services to SMEs in Shanghai. In addition, efforts were made to strengthen cooperation with the UNIDO ITPO network and the UNIDO Field Office and to establish alliances with different international and national key actors, thereby optimizing the use of resources.

The Centre’s outward investment and technology promotion activities resulted in 22 concluded projects in 2005 alone, with a total value exceeding US$ 42 million, including investments in countries like Congo, Egypt, Jordan, Mozambique, Morocco, South Africa, and Uganda, among others.

The inward promotion activities of the Centre attracted more than US$ 100 million foreign investment to Shanghai in 2005.

SIPC assisted 210 SMEs in Shanghai by providing them with assistance in formulating their business plans and in making decisions regarding their investments abroad.


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