Cooperation Activities in China

The SPX Programme


UNIDO’s Subcontracting and Partnership Exchanges (SPX) Programme in China operates within the priorities established by the Government and expressed in two main challenges:

  • the continuous opening of the Chinese economy, which has been accelerated with the formal accession of the country into the WTO, and
  • the reduction of the social and economic disparities in China, highlighted with the emphasis, since 1999, on the development of the western provinces, or the “Western Development Initiative”, and as of 2003 with the development of the three Northeast provinces, known as “Dongbei”.

A comprehensive supply chain development programme can be an instrumental tool to the Chinese Government to face these challenges, particularly in the process of reducing the social and economic disparities between East, on one side, and the West and North East China, on the other. A concrete strategy for the creation of a China SPX Network is being developed, which consists, essentially, of the establishment of four centres strategically located in dynamic regions in the country: 

  • Chongqing (in Western China);
  • Beijing (Bohai Rim Region);
  • Shanghai (Yangtze River Delta);
  • Xi'an (in Northwest China).

Furthermore, two SPXs, one in Harbin (in North-Eastern China) and the second Guangzhou (Pearl River Delta) are under consideration.

The first UNIDO SPX Centres were established in 2004 in Chongqing and in Beijing. Activities for SPX Shanghai and SPX Xi'an started in March 2006 and in 2007 respectively. Establishment of SPX Harbin and Guangzhou is under negotiation with Chinese Provincial Authorities. All UNIDO technical assistance is self-financed by project counterparts.

SPX Chongqing Centre

The Centre was established by UNIDO in May 2004 and is located in Chongqing Technology Exhibition Centre (CTEC), a public institution established in 1997, which operates under Chongqing Municipal Government. Two subcontracting fairs were held in 2005 and in 2007. Project phase II has been approved for financing by the Vice-Mayor of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government. A proposal has been submitted for approval.

SPX Beijing Centre

The Centre was inaugurated by UNIDO in May 2004, and is located in the Beijing Productivity Centre (BPC), which belongs to the Science & Technology Commission of the Beijing Municipal Government. In May 2005, SPX-Beijing Centre organized with UNIDO the “Global SPX – Supply Chain Conference – 2005 Beijing” conference. More than 150 executives and experts participated, including speakers such as Mr. Yongtu Long, UNIDO-China Goodwill Ambassador, economists from the London School of Economics (LSE), Tsinghua University and Carrefour China.

SPX Shanghai Centre

The Centre is hosted by Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co., Ltd. ("SIIC"), a State Owned Company incorporated in Hong Kong in July 1981. SIIC became a holding company in 1993 and consists of a number of listed companies and subsidiaries in China and abroad plus nine overseas regional headquarters. The Group has consolidated assets of US$ 4.4 billion. The official inauguration of SPX Shanghai was organized in April 2006. It should be noted that the on-going project is the first phase of a long-term programme. Phase II will develop antennas in East China; Phase III will expand and establish physically SPX branches in provinces of East China region.

SPX Xi'an Centre

The Centre was inaugurated by UNIDO in May 2007 and is located in the Xi'an Productivity Centre, which belongs to the Science & Technology Commission of Xi'an Municipal Government. More than 1000 companies have been registered mainly in the automotive, software and mechanical/metal working sectors.

SPX Harbin Centre

The Centre has been requested by Heilongjiang Provincial Government, which decided on 18 November 2005 that the China Harbin Fair for Trade and Economic Cooperation would be the project counterpart. It should be noted that Chinese – Russian cooperation will be developed with the newly requested SPX Khabarovsk and SPX Vladivostok.

SPX Guangzhou Centre

The Economic and Trade Commission of Guangzhou Municipal Government requested UNIDO’s technical assistance on 14 February 2006.