The UNIDO Approach to Cluster Development

Key Principles and Project Experiences for Inclusive Growth

The UNIDO Approach to Sustainable Supplier Development

Promoting CSR for SMEs in a Global Supply Chain Context

Diffusion de la démarche cluster dans trois pays du Maghreb (Algérie - Maroc - Tunisie) 2013

Définition d’une boite à outils méthodologique opérationnelle

Cluster Twinning: Understanding the Dynamics and Methodological Issues

Technical Paper

Effective Monitoring for Pro-poor Cluster Development

Guidelines for Practitioners

Cluster development for pro-poor growth: the UNIDO approach

Industrial clusters and poverty reduction

A study addressing the relationship between industrial clusters and poverty and seeking to develop a methodology for poverty and social impact assessment of cluster development initiatives.

Better access to growth

Mainstreaming gender in cluster development.

Combining strengths

Synergies between cluster development and microfinance.

SME networks and cluster development in developing countries

A review of UNIDO technical assistance programme for SME networks.

Expert group meeting on cluster and network development.

A review of the UNIDO programme with special emphasis on monitoring and evaluation issues.

Cluster development and BDS promotion: UNIDO experience in India

Business services for small enterprises in Asia: developing markets and measuring performance.

Industrial clusters and networks

Case studies of SME growth and innovation.

Principles for promoting clusters and networks of SMEs

A review of international experience in public policy for SME support.

Real service centers in Italian industrial districts

Lessons learned from a comparative analysis.

Supporting underperforming clusters in developing countries

Lessons and policy recommendations from the UNIDO cluster programme in India.

The Italian SME experience and possible lessons for developing countries.

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