Component 3

South‐South Cooperation to facilitate participation of developing countries in the global economy.

In line with the organic evolution of UNIDO’s operations in India over the past 40 years, the Country Programme will also build on India’s expertise, technology and know‐how to assist other developing countries through institutional strengthening. This is where flagship programmes like the UNIDO Centre for South‐South Industrial Cooperation (UCSSIC) – the first such centre to be set up by UNIDO – come in, along with ongoing projects of the International Centre for Advancement of Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT) and the Regional Network on Pesticides for Asia and the Pacific (RENPAP). Indeed, both Government of India and UNIDO see UCSSIC and ICAMT as unique international centres with a distinct identity and international profile.

While the Country Programme 2008‐2012 deals with projects aimed at domestic beneficiaries, UCSSIC and to some extent, ICAMT projects are geared to foreign partners in Africa, Latin America and some Asian countries.