Re-alignment of business model of the standards association of Zimbabwe and upgrading of its laboratories

One of the principal functions of the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) is “to make available to producers and consumers laboratory facilities for the testing of raw materials and manufactured goods”.
Circumstances in the country have led to a reduction in the funding available to the SAZ to equip its laboratories. At the same time, the type of economic activities being undertaken by industry have been changing with the times and the testing equipment available at SAZ laboratories has increasingly become outdated or is no longer appropriate or adequate to cover the full scope of testing demanded by clients.
The SAZ is therefore looking to re-capitalise its laboratories to modernise its equipment and also capacitate the laboratories in new areas of testing in which it has identified opportunities. One of these areas is involvement in imports/exports inspection to prevent the country from being used as a dumping ground for sub-standard goods.
The purpose of the project is to formulate an overall framework for the re-alignment of the current business model and enabling SAZ to obtain internationally recognized accreditation for its laboratory facilities through upgrading of existing equipment.
This will enable SAZ render cost-effective and internationally recognized testing services to domestic manufacturers on a cost-recovering basis.

As a result, domestic manufacturers will be able to access internationally recognized and affordable conformity assessment services locally, which will promote their export competitiveness.
Most of the equipment is to be sourced from abroad and requires foreign currency. The total cost of the required equipment is estimated to be USD 548 044. The SAZ is submitting this project proposal through the International Trade Centre (INCTAD/WTO) for assistance in securing funding.