Capacity Building for Aflatoxin management and control in groundnuts and paprika in Malawi

Although the National Smallholder Farmers' Association of Malawi (NASFAM) is taking important steps in improving their aflatoxin management systems, there are concerns about basic hygiene and Good Agricultural and Good Management Practices across the groundnut value chain, as well as other relevant value chains such as paprika, coffee and maize.
Furthermore, neither of the potential testing laboratories, MBS or ARET, is currently in a position to sustainably provide accredited services.
UNIDO was asked to formulate a project that would address the supply capacity and quality problems in the groundnut and paprika value chains, including the management of aflatoxin.
The purpose of the project is to expand extension services to main players in the groundnut value chain to effectively manage the aflatoxin problem while improving the basic hygiene and HACCP training. The project will also assess the capacity of the laboratories and the potential for accreditation, with a view of formulating further technical assistance specifically targeted at testing and certification services.