Cutlery Cluster Wazirabad

Cluster-wise update
Activity Output produced or service delivered Remarks/Expected Outcomes
  • CDA trained and placed in Wazirabad; now hired by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)
  • Transfer of ownership of the concept to the public sector organization
  • The sustainability aspect in place
  • The same mechanism is expected to be replicated by other clusters
  • Organized workshops/seminars as described under:
  • Session on ‘association strengthening’ & visioning
  • Awareness session on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’
  • Workshop conducted on “certifications” through networking approach
  • The capacity-building exercises in the cluster with in-kind and in-cash contributions by UNIDO
  • Roles defined & responsibilities allocated according to the vision developed
  • The workshop led to quality certification initiatives in the SMEs using networking approach
  • Export development by targeting the weaknesses on supply-side using UNIDO methodology
  • Deployment of systems to address cluster related issues by the association
  • Development of strategies and action plans to restore the trend of depleting skilled labour through the induction of responsible culture
  • Matchmaking with UNIDO TRTA project, Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC), Competitiveness Support Fund (CSF), Business Support Fund (BSF), Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), BDS providers
  • Concrete network based projects in place through partnership endeavors

  • Two-way flow of information about competencies, projects and level-of-services

  • Increased processes for marketing, technical, technology, quality, skill and product safety related programmes with relevant stakeholders



  • The linkage establishment mechanism for the cluster the beneficiary & beneficent
  • Establishmt of network-based business projects
  • Scored higher exports through networking model
  • Start-up of new business ventures
  • Business Incubation through UNIDO methodology
  • Expected incremental expansion in domestic & export markets
  • Product, market & distribution channels diversification initiatives especially in tableware section
  • SMEs entering in the tableware production through networking
  • SMEs venturing into new export markets
  • Matchmaking of networks with multinational chain stores i.e. Makro and Metro Cash & Carry
  • Expecting market diversification and demonstrational effect for cluster
  • Modification in traditional business practices
  • Export revolution in the cluster
  • Increased competitiveness
  • A research paper on networks in cutlery cluster Wazirabad was developed and presented in the ICSB World Conference in Finland 

  • Tangible benefits of networking revealed on member enterprises exciting and motivating them for more joint initiatives
  • Recognition of cutlery cluster Wazirabad in the eyes of International community & domestic policy makers
  • Trust and confidence building of stakeholders on UNIDO approach
  • A number of  networks have  been established using UNIDO methodology:
  • Wazirabad Greenways Network (WGN)
  • Pak Cutlery Consortium (PCC)
  • EverCon
  • Asians Cutlery Consortium (ACC)
  • Global Cutlery Consortium (GCC)
  • Star Waz Consortium (SWC)
  • White Gold Cutlery Consortium (WGCC)

Network-wise update
Activity Output produced or
service delivered
Remarks/Expected Outcomes
                                        WGN (Horizontal)


  • Technical & Market information sharing
  • Joint RM purchases
  • Engaged in export marketing events

  • Established direct exports

  • Opening of new markets i.e. USA , Ireland , Sweden , etc.

  • Achieved cash & bulk discount through joint purchases
  • Adoption of ‘Export Consortium’ approach by the cluster

  • Export growth to multiple international destinations

  • Domestic & international brand development
                                   PCC (Horizontal)

  • Network-based purchases (raw material & machinery)

  • Development of promotional material
  • Technical assistance and sharing of knowledge through joint meetings
  • Participation in Int’l trade exhibitions & delegations
  • Participation in Expo’07 & subsequent meeting with Prime Minister
  • Network-based marketing (Domestic & international), ‘Qualified supplier’ of Chain-stores (Makro & Metro)
  • Matchmaking activities with cluster stakeholders

  • Network purchases have led to benefits as: Cash & bulk discount, revised payment terms, improved quality of materials & timely delivery

  • Increase in production & quality levels

  • Network-based exports have started

  • ‘PCC’ brand establishment

  • Increased domestic market share

  • Network-based ‘Polishing unit’ have been established through matchmaking with CSF

  • Other matchmakings are in-the-process
  • Promotion of UNIDO cluster development programme to be used as industrial development tool in policy circles

  • Explore more international markets & participate in trade fairs

  • Opening of Network-based distribution channel in domestic market

  • Joint Production & Quality improvement steps

  • Software development to automate & systemize working practices
                                     EverCon (Vertical)

  • Started ‘Damascus Knives’ project through network
  • Establishment of joint production set-up
  • Sharing of expertise, knowledge and resources

  • Export worth USD 1.6 Million in 2 years
  • Export development through UNIDO methodology

  • Int’l brand development using networking model

  • Opening of European export frontiers
                                   WGCC (Horizontal)

  • Establishment of joint ‘model unit’

  • Development of new designs
  • Joint exploration of international markets

  • Sharing of resources thus leading to joint savings, new product designing, quality improvement, decreased risk profiles etc.

  • Two new persons with no prior experience entered into business
  • Business incubation model for the clusters to follow
  • ‘Similar agenda & focused efforts on one target is driving to benchmark export outcomes’  is likely to be replicated in other clusters under policy framewor
                                    ACC (Horizontal)

  • Development of promotional material

  • Joint order sharing practices

  • Marketing meetings with multinational superstore in Lahore

  • Achieved Cash & bulk discount through joint negotiations

  • Production circle intact even during difficult periods

  • Joint selling platform
  • Exploration of domestic market

  • Establishment of new designs
                                    GCC (Horizontal)

  • Development of promotional material
  • Exploration of Int’l markets

  • Achieved Cash & bulk discount through joint activities
  • Network exports
  • New designs development
  • Expand production capacity
  • Product diversification
                                     SWC (Horizontal)

  • Development of promotional material
  • Matchmaking with Business Support Fund (BSF)
  • Achieved Cash & bulk discount through joint activities

  • Matching grant facilitation through BSF
  • Network exports

  • Diversify product-line

  • Improve productivity