Investment Promotion Unit (IPU)

The Investment Promotion Unit, component 6 of the IMP I , was created in 2000 with a funding of Euros 1 715 000 from the italian cooperation. Its mission is to encourage and promote the establishment of new industrial investments in Morocco, particularly extension projects of existing enterprises, set up of new units, partnership between Moroccan and foreign enterprises and direct foreign investments.
The unit acts and works in collaboration with the ANPME (National Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Entreprises)

  • To increase the competitiveness level and provide assistance to the industrial development in Morocco through foreign investment promotions in order to promote the efforts of the country towards an integrated and sustainable national economy;
  • To update the institutions linked to the industrial development of the country and to Investment Programmes ;
  • To reinforce the partner governmental institutions and the private institutions in order to respond to the needs and criteria attracting foreign investments and bringing support to the integration of the country in the world economy ;
  • To increase investment transfers and technologies as well as the improvement of performances through industrial cooperation agreement with foreign entrepreneurs.
Main Intervention Areas:


The unit provides Promotional assistance to the SME  and particularly :

  • Identification and definition of industrial or technological partnership projects and investment opportunities in Morocco, based on the sectorial priorities defined by the programme activities, in collaboration with local institutions;
  • Assistance to Moroccan entrepreneurs in formulating investment opportunities to be submitted their foreign counterparts;
  • Foreign promotion of Moroccan projects abroad via the ITPO (Investment and Technology Promotion Offices) network of UNIDO, operating in the following countries : Europe (Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Poland and UK), Africa and middle East (Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Uganda),  Asia (Turkey, Korea, Japan, China and Russia) and Latin America (Brazil);
  • Search for potential industrial or trade partners in Morocco or Abroad;
  • Search for viable industrial partners in Morocco based on requests from foreign enterprises through the ITPO network;
  • Accompaniment of foreign delegations of enterprises in Morocco and organisation of missions to specialised fairs or investment forums abroad for Moroccan entrepreneurs;
  • Organisation of business contacts between Moroccan and foreign entrepreneurs and partnership meetings;
  • Organisation of training workshops for the enterprises and the Moroccan institutions in order to promote an international cooperation through experience and information exchange;


The unit provides Consulting services to SME with an investment project for:

  • Preparation of detailed business plans; Economic and financial assessment of investment projects;
  • Assistance in negotiating technological and industrial partnership agreements between Moroccan and foreign enterprises ;
  • Assistance in the set up of Joint-ventures and Direct Foreign Investments;
  • Help in identifying available sources of fund for the execution of industrial investment projects in Morocco ;
  • Accompaniment of SME in their fund request with all the Morocco and foreign funding institutions which are IPU’s partners ;