Friday, 05 October 2012

Russian Federation hosts annual meeting of UNIDO’s Investment and Technology Promotion Network

MOSCOW, 5 October 2012 - The heads of the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (ITPOs) gathered in Moscow for their annual meeting on 4 and 5 October. The event was hosted and organized by the Moscow-based Centre for International Industrial Cooperation (CIIC), which is part of UNIDO’s ITPO Network.

The meeting opened with introductory statements by Georgy Kalamanov, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, Alexei Makushkin, Director of the Analytical Centre under the Government of the Russian Federation, and Evgeny Ugrinovich, Head of the International Department of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Education and Science. Mohamed-Lamine Dhaoui, Director of the Business, Investment and Technology Services Branch, welcomed participants on behalf of UNIDO.

The Russian government representatives stressed the importance of strategic cooperation with UNIDO, and the Russian Federation’s readiness to contribute to a reduction in global development imbalances, by, amongst others, offering technological solutions and enhancing the potential of small and medium-sized businesses in developing countries.

The UNIDO ITPO Network has developed since 1986 when the Organization introduced the very first Investment Promotion Services, and has subsequently become an exclusive means by which UNIDO fosters cooperation between enterprises and institutions from developing countries and economies in transition, and their counterparts in advanced and emerging countries.

In today’s fast-paced, globalized world, industrial cooperation can play a key role in promoting productive employment, sparking innovation and technological improvements, but firms need to be able to rely on honest brokers, which can foster mutually beneficiary opportunities. The UNIDO ITPOs are on the ground, in both advanced and emerging economies, to bring together potential business and institutional associates for investment and technology partnerships through variety of value-added services to business institutions and entrepreneurs from both hemispheres.

Acting as information hubs and knowledge dissemination centres, the ITPOs provide concrete matchmaking support and capacity-building along the entire investment and technology promotion cycles, and fully contribute to the eighth Millennium Development Goal of developing global partnerships.

Joining the annual ITPO meeting were two very special guests: the former Russian cosmonaut, Sergei Avdeev, who spent over 747 days orbiting the Earth, and UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador, Marcos Pontes, who was the first Brazilian astronaut. Mr Avdeev took part in a presentation entitled, "The ecology of our planet - the view from space", while Mr Pontes presented an inspiring project for creating an eco-state in the Brazilian state of Roraima.

To keep up with global trends and developments, the meeting also invited experts to present to the ITPO Network parallel initiatives targeting emerging donors and countries, such as the newly launched programme on technology cooperation between Brazil and Russia.

Another session presented the latest developments concerning the CIIC programme which is enhancing regional industrial integration in the Eurasian Economic Community. This initiative has paved the way for the potential establishment of three other centres in CIS countries as part of the ITPO Network. In this context, representatives from those countries - Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan - also attended the meeting as observers and potential future members of the network.

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Director, ITPO Moscow

Mohamed-Lamine Dhaoui
Director, UNIDO

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