Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Mali shea butter receives international bio-certificates

L’Isle Jourdaine/Mali, 7 November 2011 - Shea butter produced under the brand “Kaloje" by the women in the Malian village Dioila has been certified organic under the U.S. National Organic Programme.

The certificates are valid for 1 year and include the shea butter cream and shea butter soap. That opens even wider the doors of international trade to SIMALI Cosmetic – the enterprize which the women-producers of shea butter in Dioila set up with UNIDO’s help.
“The organic certificates are a great success for the women in Dioila, as well as for UNIDO. We have been working since February 2010 to help the women obtain these certificates,” said UNIDO project manager, Bassel Al Khatib.

Organic products have a higher price on the international market.

SIMALI Cosmetics, run by the women in Dioila, is already exporting shea butter products to Europe. The enterprise has a contract with the French cosmetic company Chimitex for the delivery of shea butter soap, up to 40 tons in 2011 and  another 100 tons in 2012.  
Apart from the European cosmetic industry, the work of the women in Mali has also been acknowledged by the UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Zinnedine Zidane during his visit to the country in late October.
Along with the project coordinator Binta Konté Bocoum, Zidane and the UNDP Resident Coordinator visited the small production. Zidane said he was truly impressed by the  U.N. projects that aim to empower women in Mali.

"The eradication of poverty in the world is not an easy task. In life, generally speaking, nothing is easy. The war against poverty can take some time, but if everybody contributes, we will obtain results. I am really happy I came to Mali, this visit has taught me many things,” said Zidane.

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Project Manager


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