Tuesday, 14 February 2012

UNIDO and WHO collaborate with Vietnamese Health Ministry on promoting local pharmaceutical production

HANOI, 14 February 2011 – At a workshop in Hanoi today, representatives of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) presented the results of their support for local pharmaceutical production in Viet Nam.

They emphasized that the pharmaceutical sector presents large economic and social opportunities.

Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Health, Nguyen Thanh Long, emphasized that the country’s pharmaceutical industry was facing a range of challenges, adding that the technical and financial support from WHO and UNIDO was highly appreciated.

UNIDO Country Representative, Patrick J. Gilabert, confirmed the commitment of UNIDO and WHO to make sure this project is successful, saying: “The WHO and UNIDO are committed to assist the Government of Viet Nam in addressing the challenges of local pharmaceutical production. We are sure this workshop will provide the necessary recommendations for promoting local production of medicine”.

WHO acting representative, Graham Harrison, added:. “A collaboration of all parties involved, both from the Government and the private sector, is crucial for overcoming the challenges we face.”

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Patrick J. Gilabert
UNIDO Representative Viet Nam

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