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Africa Industrialization Day 2008 in Madagascar

Raw materials transformation: key activity for Africa’s sustainable development

Antananarivo, 24 November 2008 – The Yearly celebration of the Africa Industrialization Day in Madagascar was jointly prepared by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the SIM (Syndicat des Industries de Madagascar), the GEFP (Groupement des Entreprises Franches et Partenaires) and the UNIDO office in Madagascar. Three events were organised: (1) official visits of industries, (2) a lunch-debate between private sector, public administration and technical and financial partners, and (3) industries opening doors.

The official visits were led by Mr Charles Rabemananjara, the Prime Minister, Mr Ivohasina Razafimahefa, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr Ivan Randriasandratriniony, the President of the Senate, together with Mr Xavier Leus, Representative to the UN System Coordinator, and Mr Patrick J. Gilabert, UNIDO Representative for Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles.
The following personalities also attended the celebration : Mr Mokgethi Mionaisa, South Africa Ambassador, Ms Sylvie Anne Conde, AfDB Representative, Mr Pierre Van Den Boogaerde, IMF Representative, Mr Amadou Kamara, FAO Representative, Ms Johanne Rajaobelina, IFC Representative, Mr Hery Ranaivosoa, President of SIM (Syndicat des Industries de Madagascar), Mr
Jacky Radavidra, President of GEFP (Groupement des Entreprises Franches et Partenaires), Mr Naina Andriantsitohaina, President of GEM (Groupement des Entreprises de Madagascar), and Mr Beso Andrianarivelo Razafy, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Representatives of the French and German Ambassies also attended the celebration.

The visited industries referred to the main industrial sectors of Madagascar:

  • Madagascar Sales (Textile industry)
  • Socobis (Agro industry - biscuits and pasta)
  • Labocast (dental prosthesis)
  • SMTP (recycling of plastic)
  • Graphoprint (Printer)

The second part of the official celebration was the lunch-debate. Leading actors of the Madagascar industry were attended to the session to share their opinions as regards the activities to improve the environment and the development of the industrial sector in Madagascar. On this occasion, the President of the Syndicat des Industries de Madagascar gave a message to the public administration about the improvements to be made to encourage industrials to invest. The UNIDO Representative has delivered a statement on behalf of the Executive Heads of the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa and UNIDO. The Representative to the UN System has delivered a message from the United Nations Secretary General. The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry made a speech focused on the trust between the private sector, the public administration, and the technical and financial partners, and its importance to spark investments. An exchange of ideas between industrials, technical and financial partners, and public administration followed the speeches. The requests were mainly focused on taxation, business taxes, customs duties, and on the difficulties for the industrials to make their enterprises grow. The regularization of the informal sector was also

In parallel, industries opening doors were organised for the public: NIAG (Antananarivo), NEWPRINT (Antananarivo), MADPRINT (Antananarivo), Brasserie STAR (Antsirabe), GALANA (Tamatave).

For more information, please see the web site of the UNIDO Country Office in Madagascar:


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