Friday, 25 March 2011

UNIDO hosts consultative meeting on 3ADI for agro development in Nigeria

ABUJA, 25 March 2011 – Ways of stimulating economic growth in Nigeria through investments in agro-industries and other post production activities in the agriculture value chain were discussed at a meeting in Abuja today.

The implementation consultative meeting of Africa’s Agribusiness and Agro-Industries Development Initiative (3ADI) brought together relevant stakeholders, including representatives of FAO, IFAD, BOI, CBN, UBA, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, the World Bank, USAID, MAN, DFID, and ADfB, among others.

The Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Josephine Tapgun, expressed the support of the Federal Government of Nigeria support for the 3ADI, and praised the continued cooperation between the Ministry and UNIDO. She added that “the focus of today’s meeting was to prepare a roadmap and evolve a financing mechanism for its implementation”.

Tapgun also said that the National Planning Commission should join the 3ADI implementation consultative meetings, and alos expressed the commitment of the President to the development of the infrastructure of the country.

The UNIDO Representative in Nigeria, Patrick Kormawa, said that after the High-Level Conference on the Development of Agribusiness and Agro-Industries in Africa held in Abuja in March 2010, UNIDO and partner institutions selected 12 countries in Africa for a pilot scheme to implement the outcomes of the conference.

“The 3ADI is a competitive, sustainable and inclusive agro-industry and agribusiness model,” said Kormawa. “It could be key for transforming and diversifying the Nigerian economy which is highly dependent on the oil sector. This meeting was in line with the current government development priority. The 3ADI needs an integrated approach to focus on supporting production, agro-industry, markets and trade, services, and private investment.”

Kormawa emphasized the need to make the 3ADI fit into current initiatives of the Federal Government such as Vision 20:2020.

Participants agreed that MAN should provide data on agro-allied industries, and that USAID, which looks at good agricultural practices, should provide technical assistance to those working in this area to test agricultural products for export. BOI could finance agro projects under the 3ADI. 

UNIDO is to promote the 3ADI, develop the capacity of the private operators under the agribusiness and agro-industries development initiative, while IFAD has a programme from 2012 on rice, cassava and vegetables, which should be brought to bear on the 3ADI.

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