Economic Research


Foreign direct investment, employment and wages in sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper 05/2014

How industrial development matters to the well-being of the population. Some statistical evidence

Working Paper 04/2014

Industrial development in North African countries - A statistical profile

Working Paper 03/2014

Growth and distribution pattern of the world manufacturing output: A statistical profile

Working paper 02/2014

Manufacturing as an engine of growth: Which is the best fuel?

Working Paper 01/2014


Informality in manufacturing and the economy

Working Paper 08/2013

With a little help from my friends: supplying to multinationals, buying from multinationals and domestic firm performanceWorking Paper 07/2013

Working Paper 07/2013

Multinationals in sub-Saharan Africa: domestic linkages and institutional distance

Working Paper 06/2013

Youth productive employment through entrepreneurship development in the Arab Region: State of the art interventions in Egypt and Tunisia

Working Paper 05/2013

Comparison of economic linkages between China and Africa: Applying the WIOD database

Workipn Paper 04/2013

Factors influencing the international trade of carbon offsets from the destruction of the ozone depleting substances

Working Paper 03/2013

The industrial policy process in Ghana

Working Paper 02/2013


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