Project Description

Full Project Title: 

Environmentally sound management and disposal of obsolete POPs
pesticides and other POPs wastes in China


Project number:


Starting date:

January 2009


5 years

Total Project Budget:

42,357,300 U$



Project Description


The project will enable environmentally sound management (ESM) and disposal of targeted obsolete POPs pesticides and associated wastes in fulfilment of China’s commitments under the StockholmConvention.

The presence of geographically dispersed stockpiles of obsolete POPs pesticide wasteand PCDD/PCDFs rich incinerator fly ash presents an ongoing pathway risk to environmentalreceptors, especially groundwater and surface water resources.

The scale of this risk and its globalconsequences make it a uniquely Chinese issue with significant trans-boundary impact.

The project will directly provide for treatment according to Stockholm Convention and Basel Convention guidelinesof a minimum of 10,000 tons of identified targeted POPs pesticide wastes and 1,000 tons of PCDD/PCDFs rich fly ash.

The project will also introduce regulatory reforms and strengthen nationalcapacity to identify, assess, manage, and treat other such wastes in an environmentally sustainablemanner by use of new analytical and organizational techniques such as qualitative environmental riskassessment and public-private partnerships (PPP).


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