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Industrial park2345

Integrated agro industrial park (IAIP) is considered a vehicle for the structural transformation of the economy through the commercialization of the agricultural sector. Agro-industrial parks which focus on the transformation of agricultural and livestock products are strategic tools under UNIDO’s ISID mandate, to assist countries to attain the objectives of the SDGs. In Africa, UNIDO has been supporting Governments in the establishment of agro parks (including agropoles, integrated agro-industrial parks (IAIPs) and staple crop processing zones (SCPZ), and at the different stages from prefeasibility and feasibility studies, master planning, detailed engineering designs and reviews, investment promotion, construction and operation. Within UNIDO, the Department of Agri-Business (part of the Directorate of Digitalization, Technology and Agri-Business), which provides a range of technical cooperation services to assist developing countries add value to the output of their agricultural sector, spearheads the development of agro-industrial parks, in close collaboration with other technical departments. Based on the agri-business value chains concept, starting from a comprehensive analysis of the value chain, a rigorous base of specialized services are deployed targeting the weaker links of the chain including: agricultural mechanization, modern processing technologies, packaging of perishable products, the promotion of food safety in the processing and regulatory environment; and interventions to improve competitiveness and productivity.