Kenya GMP Roadmap Launch

Launch of the Kenya GMP Roadmap

NAIROBI, 17 December 2014 - The Launch of the Kenya GMP Roadmap took place at the Jacaranda Hotel. It gathered senior officials from the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, the Ministry of Health as well as the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB), National Quality Control Laboratory (NQCL), Federation of Kenya Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (FKPM) and the industry.

The Kenya GMP Roadmap sets a path for Kenyan pharmaceutical manufacturers towards internationally accepted Good Manufacturing Practices in line with WHO requirements. This approach has been developed by UNIDO in close cooperation with the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, the Ministry of Health, and other key stakeholders. The roadmap is a stepwise path leading to significant benefits for Kenya, through improving healthcare for its people and boosting the national and international competitiveness of the Kenyan pharmaceutical industry.

UNIDO has been supporting efforts in Kenya since 2009 to improve the capacity of the local pharmaceutical industry as part of its Global Project “Strengthening the Local Production of Essential Medicines in Developing Countries”.  This joint initiative involved the Government of Kenya and the Kenyan pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

The aim is strengthening the ability of the pharmaceutical sector in Kenya to produce high quality,

  • Enhancing the ability of local producers  to meet international standards in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Enabling the Kenyan pharmaceutical industry to become a centre of excellence for pharmaceutical production of essential medicines, within the East African region
  • Enabling the Kenyan regulator to ensure enforcement of international  GMP standards

With the Launch of the Kenya GMP Roadmap all stakeholders confirmed their commitment to the aimed at goal to improve the quality of pharmaceutical production in Kenya to meet international standards within a five year period. UNIDO stands ready to offer continued support in this process towards producing safe, efficacious and affordable medicines in Kenya

UNIDO, Government of Kenya, 2014, Kenya GMP Roadmap (PDF, 2 MB)


UNIDO has been working with stakeholders since 2009, and initially defined the status, opportunities and challenges relating to the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in the country in the document “Pharmaceutical Sector Profile: Kenya”, which was published in 2010. This formed the basis for a consultative strategy building process, which resulted in the “Kenya Pharmaceutical Sector Development Strategy” (KPSDS). The KPSDS encompassed a seven component holistic approach to the development of the sector. Consequently, further work was performed regarding the first strategic component, developing a Kenya GMP Roadmap, as this is a key initial step in the implementation of the overall sector development strategy. Following technical and participatory engagements, it was agreed by stakeholders that the Kenya GMP Roadmap should involve a stepwise approach to reach WHO GMP requirements, bearing in mind the overall goals which are safe, effective, and affordable quality essential medicines within the distribution chain along with the positioning of Kenya as a reliable source of quality medicines in the region. This approach is in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 which aspires to international competitiveness through benchmarking and adherence to international standards.

Kenya has more than 40 pharmaceutical manufacturers and is the regional hub for the manufacture and supply of the essential medicines.

UNIDO, Government of Kenya, 2012, Kenya Pharmaceutical Sector Development Strategy (PDF, 1 MB)