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The 7th edition of the UNIDO LDC Ministerial Conference will take place on 23-24 November 2017, in Vienna, Austria, prior to the 17th UNIDO General Conference. Held under the theme “Building global partnerships: Enhancing growth and inclusiveness in LDCs” the conference will aim to identify innovative schemes and mechanisms by enabling partnership building and resource mobilization for sustainable industrial development in LDCs. The two-day conference will discuss the determinant role of multi-stakeholder partnership-building and the importance of investment promotion, as well as innovative financing solutions for LDCs’industrial development, to finally address the question of sustainability and the way forward by 2030 and beyond.


This year provides for a timely opportunity to reassess and build upon UNIDO’s contributions to the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA) and underline its mandate of Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) as a customized implementing instrument for SDG-9 within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The conference represents an opportune platform to identify, discuss and agree upon innovative cooperation means to facilitate a more efficient private-public dialogue, a better investment promotion tools/climate and acknowledge the crucial importance of capacity building and sustainable industrial development for the successful implementation of the IPoA in LDCs.

Moreover, in recognition of the vital role of multi-stakeholder partnerships as a prerequisite for LDCs’ sustainable graduation, UNIDO will use the momentum of this year’s conference to enable relevant public and private sector stakeholders from the 47 LDCs, traditional and emerging donors to elaborate on and build win-win collaborations and innovative partnerships.

The political declaration adopted at the high-level mid-term review of the IPoA in Antalya (May 2016) encouraged (a) LDCs to continue to strengthen the underlying investment climate and to establish and maintain national investment promotion facilities, and (b) development partners to continue to support capacity-building in the LDCs aimed at improving their abilities to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Accordingly, a targeted programme is being developed with contributions of UN-OHRLLS, UNCTAD, ILO, UNIDO, the World Bank and WAIPA, aimed at actively assisting the LDC Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) by designing and implementing tailored capacity building activities, taking into account the diverse needs of the various LDCs with respect to FDI attraction and facilitation, and by fostering increased collaboration between the private sector and the respective governments. This programme, which represents a vital milestone to creating a positive investment promotion environment and contributing to the structural transformation and sustainable economic growth of LDCs will be presented and discussed.

Expected Results

- Innovative cooperation schemes and mechanisms are identified, discussed and agreed upon in order to facilitate private/public sector dialogue in LDCs.

- Socially responsible and sustainable partnerships between different development actors developed and/or strengthened.

- Ministers have recognized the Capacity Development Program for LDC Investment Promotion Agencies as a very important tool for private sector development in LDCs.

- UNIDO partnership model reiterated as pertinent for sustainable industrial development.

- Contribution of UNIDO to IPoA, Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, as well as to the Agenda 2063 asserted.


The conference will bring together over 350 participants, including LDC Ministers, UN organizations, regional economic communities, emerging and traditional donors, DFIs, private sector entities, chambers of commerce and investment promotion agencies from LDCs, in order to discuss the crucial role of industrial development for LDCs to achieve the goals and targets of the Istanbul Programme of Action, including graduation from the LDC category. The meeting will also elaborate innovative ways to sustain structural change and capitalize on achievements throughout the three sessions of the conference, as follows:

- Opening Session

- Session 1: Ministerial debate on the progress made by LDCs towards productive capacity building and attracting investment for structural transformation

- Session 2: Nurturing a new era of enhanced collaboration between private and public sectors for LDCs‘ graduation

- Session 3: Partnerships for sustainable industrialization - lessons learned and the way forward

In order to foster interactions between the above mentioned stakeholders, UNIDO will organize B2B/B2G face-to-face meetings on 24 November 2017, bringing together all partners and facilitating a setting for strategic partnership building on the margins of the conference.

In addition, an exhibition area will be reserved in the Rotunda of the Vienna International Center (VIC) for private sector stakeholders to showcase their products and best practices throughout the two-day conference.

For more information, please contact LDC2017@UNIDO.org.

Download the Conference's flyer in English and French.

Download the Conference's poster in English and French.


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