LDC Ministerial Conference 2013

“From the Istanbul Plan of Action to the world we want in 2015 and beyond: Implementing the UNIDO operational strategy”.

The 2013 Least Developed Countries’ (LDC) Ministerial Conference constituted the fifth of the high level platforms provided by UNIDO to LDC Member States and relevant stakeholders to focus on their industrial development issues. It took place from 30 November to 1 December 2013 in Lima, Peru, right before the start of the General Conference on 2 December 2013. 

This edition of the LDC high-level meeting brought together more than 250 participants – LDC ministers in charge of industry, relevant UN agencies, regional economic commissions, emerging countries’ institutions, donors and private sector entities – to promote the formation of partnerships that would bring sustainable livelihoods and inclusive welfare for LDC’s citizens.

It sought to leverage various potentialities and mechanisms available in the domain of private sector and SMEs development, productive capacity building, trade and employment. In cooperation with Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) and other emerging countries, the event also helped implement the UNIDO LDC Operational Strategy 2012-2020. 

More specifically, it:

1)    Encouraged emerging as well as traditional donor countries to develop strategies to support the effective implementation of the UNIDO LDC Operational Strategy by 2015 and beyond;

2)    Promoted the critical role of South-South Cooperation in the LDC development efforts;

3)    Actively engaged member countries in the implementation of the UNIDO LDC Strategy. 

The agenda included sessions on “The role of BRICS and other emerging economies for inclusive sustainable growth of LDCs” and “ South-South Industrial Cooperation: The Role of Southern Enterprises in Least Developed Countries”. 

The conference also provided an opportunity to explore the role of the women in the overall agri-value chain approach in the Least Developed Countries. A session was dedicated to the specific role of women in LDCs under the theme: “Converting commodities into products: the role of women in LDCs”.

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