Paris Forum

Towards a sustainable economic paradigm: From labour to resource productivity

The Paris forum will bring world leaders and key actors together to engage in a dynamic and critical debate on the need for a shift away from labour- and resource-intensive production towards resource-efficient productivity.

The existing economic development model is under unprecedented strain. It is now widely recognized that Green Growth is seen as the path by which economic development and human well-being can progress, with lower resource use and fewer negative environmental impacts. A new economic model of growth is urgently required.

New forms of agricultural and industrial production are a prerequisite for delivering more goods and services, but with a radically lower “footprint” on the Earth’s resources. At the centre of this new growth model is the urgent need to decouple economic growth from an increase in raw material use— “doing more with less”.

This new economic paradigm will be explored through fundamental topics:

  • Green economy for green growth: from labour to resource productivity
  • Regulatory, policy and financing frameworks for a green economy
  • Green industry for a strengthened economy

Jean-Brice Blavignac

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