First UNIDO Donor Meeting

The first Donor Meeting took place on 3 November 2014. It showcased recent success stories from UNIDO’s technical cooperation portfolio by sharing experiences and insights in an interactive session where both donor representatives and officials from beneficiary countries were invited to participate. It also highlighted the link between UNIDO’s work and the vision of inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID), emphasizing the relevance of ISID as key driver for the successful integration of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

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Download factsheets for the Donor meeting:

ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE)
Ensuring quality and sustainability along the coffee value chain in Burundi

Fostering youth employment through entrepreneurship and enterprise development in Tunisia
Partnering for sustainable change in the foam industry in the Philippines

Promoting industrial skills on Liberia’s path to recovery
Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) programme in Latin America and Caribbean region
The Low Carbon Low Emission Clean Energy Technology Transfer (LCET) Programme in Ethiopia, India and Kenya
UNIDO Cooperation with the European Union 2009-2013

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