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Sustainable Energy Solutions

The industrial sector is responsible for about one-third of global primary energy use and two-fifths of global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. UNIDO focuses on improving industry’s energy performance and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy management practices, technology trajectories and production patterns that are environmentally sustainable. The work of UNIDO is essential to address climate change and steer economies towards a lowercarbon path.

Sustainable energy solutions for productive uses and industrial applications are equally important for the environment as they are for economic and social prosperity. Considering that energy inputs remain a significant cost of industrial production, cheap renewable energy and energy efficiency become core determinants of economic competitiveness and sustained growth. Energy efficiency improvements have positive impacts in terms of lower final production costs and greater competitiveness.

Scaling up the development of renewable energy helps countries to become less dependent on energy imports, creates jobs, and contributes to the well-being of citizens. UNIDO’s mandate puts significant emphasis on the de-coupling of economic growth from environmental degradation and the promotion and deployment of renewable energy and energy eciency. UNIDO is convinced that sustainable energy solutions lie at the heart of global and local action for people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.

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UNIDO in Europe and Central Asia

While UNIDO meets the industrial development needs of its Member States across the globe, major focus of its technical cooperation activities in Europe and Central Asia lies on environment and energy.

UNIDO projects that advance economic competitiveness and safeguard the environment in the industrial sector can be found, amongst others, in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan, as well as in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and Russia. The projects are mostly implemented at the national level but a further objective is to increase the portfolio of large-scale ISID-related regional projects. UNIDO and the Eurasian Economic Commission have signed a joint declaration on cooperation and future priorities will focus on innovation, technology transfer, high tech industrial parks, trade capacity building, environmental management and energy efficiency. The objectives of many countries, including Kazakhstan, are new innovative business models that address structural transformation priorities while pursuing inclusive and sustainable industrial development. UNIDO supports countries in their efforts of strengthening capacities in innovation and new technologies with a special focus on sustainable energy solutions.

UNIDO believes that sustainable energy enables and empowers inclusive development and contributes to every aspect of economic growth from energizing enterprises to environmental sustainability and natural ecosystems.

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