2018 Forum on Globalization and Industrialization open for registration

2018 Forum on Globalization and Industrialization open for registration

VIENNA, 22 May 2018 – Interested participants can now register for a major Forum to be held on 18 June 2018 in Vienna, Austria, focusing on global value chains (GVCs) as drivers of structural change.

GVCs are profoundly shaping the development outcomes of participating countries and have the potential to deliver positive impact on industrial competitiveness, job creation and living standards. However, harnessing this potential for inclusive and sustainable development requires tailored strategies and policies.

The 2018 Forum on Globalization and Industrialization is organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Kiel Centre for Globalization (KCG) at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW Kiel), in cooperation with China’s University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). The event is also made possible with financial support from the People's Republic of China.

World-renowned policy experts and academics, as well as high-level practitioners and policy makers will explore the latest knowledge of the role of GVCs for industrialization, growth and development. They will also look at ways to enhance dialogue about GVCs and at their contribution to inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

“GVCs are powerful drivers of growth, productivity and job creation,” said Cecilia Ugaz Estrada, Director of the UNIDO Department of Policy Research and Statistics. “For developing and emerging economies, in particular, it is essential to gain a better understanding of how GVCs affect their development trajectories and how policy can help countries derive benefits from their participation in GVCs.”

KCG Director Holger Görg added: “Involvement in GVCs has a strong potential to help the development of firms in developing and emerging countries. They are exposed to new technology and business culture and can grow through this – even if they “only” start as small suppliers.”

The event will feature panel discussions betwen representatives of major inter-governmental institutions and of global centres of research excellence.

“We are truly honored to have some of the world’s leading experts on the subject gather at UNIDO to discuss evidence and policy implications of GVCs acting as drivers of structural change,” Ugaz Estrada said.

The Forum builds on two related conferences held since 2016. The first examined current trends and perspectives related to international investment flows. The second focused on the challenges and opportunities of the digital age for developing more inclusive and sustainable GVCs.

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