Africa Industrialization Day 2007 in Madagascar

Africa Industrialization Day 2007 in Madagascar

Antananarivo, 22 November 2007 – The yearly celebration of the Africa Industrialisation Day in Madagascar was jointly prepared by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the UNIDO office in Madagascar. Three events were organised for the celebration including an official ceremony, an exhibition and industries opening doors.

The official ceremony was held in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry conference room. M. Ivohasina Razafimahefa, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, M. Andrianatoandro Raharinaivo, Vice-President of the Parliament and President of the Finance and Economy Commission, M. Sabo, Representative to the UN System Coordinator, M Patrick Gilabert UNIDO Representative for Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles, M. Hamidy Charif Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Comoros, M. Tadaharu Chichii Ambassador of Japan and representatives from France and Russia attended to the celebration.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry staff, as well as many private sector representatives and UNIDO’s partners, were also present.

On this occasion, the UNIDO Representative has delivered a statement on behalf of the Executive Heads of the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa and UNIDO. The Representative to the UN System Coordinator has delivered a message from the United Nations Secretary General. The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry made a speech focused on the Malagasy commitment to improve the country economy growth as mentioned in the Madagascar Action Plan (MAP).

Presentations were also done by UNIDO’s key partners:

  1. The President of SIM (Syndicat des Industries de Madagascar), Industries Union of Madagascar addressed a speech about the cooperation on ICT and on strategy to develop local industrial activities,
  2. The CITE (Centre d’Information Technique et Economique) Director General, has presented the cooperation on ICT and its support to silk production in Madagascar,
  3. Taolandy Association Secretary General, demonstrated that there is a national appropriation (integration) on all the improvements that UNIDO’s support to silk production have settled.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to handicrafts and semi-industrial activities exhibition. Twelve producers from agro-industries, wood manufacturing, semi precious stone transformation, textile transformation took part to the exhibition.

As this year’s theme is  "Technology and Innovation for Industry: Investing in people is investing in future", a special tour inside eight factories has been organised for students from secondary schools.

1.    MOUF’REY: Industrial bakery (Antananarivo)

2.    MADPRINT: Printer (Antananarivo)

3.    SOMACOU: Textile (Antananarivo)

4.    NIAG: Printer (Antananarivo)

5.    STAR: Brewery (Antsirabe)

6.    TIKO: Agro industry- dairy and fruit juice (Antsirabe)

7.    LMM: flour-milling(Antsirabe)

8.    GALANA: Petroleum refinery (Toamasina)

The objectives were (i) to give more information to those visitors about skills, competences and expertises that are needed for productive activities in the field where the firms operate, (ii) to sensitise the students about the importance of technologies, (iii) to encourage some potential vocation. This has been enabled thanks to SIM.

Thus, 850 students from 10 schools in three regions get benefits from this opportunity which is expected to be extended to a bigger partnership between industrial and educative bodies.