Awards for UNIDO staff taking the extra step to prioritize gender equality and gender-responsive behaviour

Awards for UNIDO staff taking the extra step to prioritize gender equality and gender-responsive behaviour

VIENNA, 19 June – The Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organziation (UNIDO) has presented Gender Equality Mobilization (GEM) Awards to staff members and teams in recognition of their exceptional efforts to prioritize gender equality and gender-responsive behaviour in their work.

Addressing an audience of diplomats and staff members at the award ceremony, UNIDO Gender Coordinator Hedda Oehlberger-Femundsenden spoke of the impact of the awardees in advancing gender equality as a vital stepping stone towards inclusive and sustainable industrial development. “Advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment within the context of industrial development is at the core of UNIDO’s mandate…These staff members and teams helped to empower women around the world to fully participate in inclusive and sustainable industrial development, pushing forward the 2030 Development Agenda.”

The importance of investing in women’s talent and innovation was underscored by the work of the winning teams and staff members. The UNIDO team in Pakistan employs a number of innovative strategies, capacity-building and advocacy efforts to enable more women to participate in and benefit from the programmes implemented under their coverage. The gender champions of the Learning and Knowledge Development Facility (LKDF) team targeted the traditionally male-dominated fields of heavy-duty equipment and commercial vehicles, as well as forestry, by developing specific measures to support industrial skills training for women.

At headquarters, staff members were recognized for their individual efforts to advance gender equality throughout the Organization. Advocacy and Media Relations Officer Charles Arthur’s consistent sharing of information related to gender and application of a gender-responsive perspective in written articles raises organizational awareness and helps promote UNIDO’s impact on gender equality through its technical cooperation activities. Industrial Development Officer Claudia Linke-Heep promoted gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in UNIDO’s technical cooperation activities, in particular through the development of the flagship project, “Economic Empowerment of Women in Green Industry.” Senior Industrial Development Officer Gabriele Ott was recognized for her longstanding contributions and active engagement in gender issues, particularly in encouraging gender mainstreaming and a strategic and coordinated approach to gender equality and women’s empowerment issues within UNIDO.

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