In Bahrain, training course on pathways towards a circular economy

In Bahrain, training course on pathways towards a circular economy

BAHRAIN, 3 December 2018 - A five-day training course on “Green industrial development – Pathways towards a Circular Economy” has opened at the University of Bahrain. The course is run by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and is supported by the Supreme Council for the Environment of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Bahrain Centre for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (DERASAT) and the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Bahrain.

The course gathers 20 policymakers from ministries of industry, trade, development and the environment  from Arab and Asian countries as well as Bahraini professionals, to discuss issues of dematerialization and detoxification, eco-design, energy efficiency and renewables, and their role in the development of a circular economy. The course introduces participants to core issues and trends, provides them with a variety of policy instruments, and showcases selected case studies. It consists of lectures and interactive exercises, and presents best practices towards the development of green entrepreneurship and investment.

The course was opened by Waheeb Alnaser, Vice President for Academic Programmes and Graduate Studies at the University of Bahrain, Nilgün Tas, Deputy Director, UNIDO Environment Department, and Hashim Hussein, Head of ITPO Bahrain.

For more information, please contact:

Franz Brugger, UNIDO